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Today’s 24-hour multiplatform information environment has made traditional media relations and monitoring tools unresponsive to the speed of today’s media cycle. Tracking multiple platforms, consulting key stakeholders and generating immediate responses requires tools that map the whole conversation.

Time is money.

If email is the primary means of informing and responding to issues, our application is for you. We estimate an administrative reduction of about one third with our Media-Pro application.

The Media-Pro application is designed to free up valuable communications resources by reducing administration using custom cloud workflows. We make every click count and manage all news content and inform key stakeholders in your organization of the latest developments that matter.

Instant access to news and information and reports that matter to your organization in real time.

Does your organization need to track and respond to a large volume of media calls? The Media-Advisor application is designed to track and manage your media interactions in one place. Our dynamic dashboard tracks new media calls, deadlines, and approvals in one place. Custom user generated alerts allow users to track specific issues that matter to them without drowning in unrelated information.

We separate the trees from the forest.

Coupled with the media monitor application, your organization can keep a historical record of media responses and match it with social media and the stories that matter. We offer dynamic reports of media calls over any period instantly to give a 360 perspective on volume and timeliness of responses without additional administration.
Garren Micro Services Media-Pro is the only application to integrate the monitoring of multiple media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google News or your custom data feed or API) into a single workflow. Our application maps the issues that matter to your organization by allowing seamless access to everything that you deem relevant to your organization. We offer instant reports by platform or source on your desktop, or any mobile device.
Develop social media plans for any platform, manage approvals and schedule social media posts all from one application. Track the effectiveness of your campaigns over any period through one custom integrated workflow. Deliver reports instantly on any subject.

Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

We offer free consultations to examine and analyze your existing infrastructure, identify legacy bottlenecks and offer modernization solutions.
Garren will manage your pre-migration by reading the users from the old identity provider and creating new accounts in the Azure AD B2C directory.
We deliver an individual migration strategy and help you implement your cost-effective and high-performing Azure environment.
We build cloud-native, microservices-based, and containerized applications using Azure Container Services with Docker Swarm for improved portability, scalability, and maintenance
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World class workflow engineering

Using cloud technology, Garren delivers workflow engineering to replace antiquated business processes that require expensive, outdated compilation methods. If your leadership team is struggling to gain insights from a lack of data, Garren Micro Services can help.

With Garren, we see data in every task and re-engineer existing work processes in convenient mobile accessible dashboards. Our team of experts apply cutting edge technologies to your existing workflows to generate real-time data.

Our Deployment Methodology

Map current capabilities and outline deficiencies.
Identify current technologies to enhance workflows and chart a path to get there.
Work with your organization to create a seamless workflow that “sticks”
Implement seamless transition to leverage cloud technologies.
Ensure solutions continuously monitored via analytics to ensure maximum efficiency.

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